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Isoetes xechtuckerii, hyb. nov., a new triploid quillwort from northeastern North America

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1999
Authors:D. F. Brunton, Britton D. M.
Journal:Canadian Journal of Botany
Pagination:1662 - 1668
Date Published:1999///
Keywords:Canada, Interspecific hybrid, Isoetes xechtuckerii, United States of America

A new interspecific Isoetes hybrid, I. echinospora Dur. x I. tuckermanii A. Br., is described from northeastern North America by means of cytology and the scanning electron microscopy of spores. Isoetes xechtuckerii D.F. Brunton and D.M. Britton, hyb. nov., is the name proposed for this taxon. It is triploid, produces only aborted, sterile spores and has spore ornamentation intermediate between that of its putative parents. Populations have been identified in eastern Canada and the adjacent United States of America growing in association with one or both parents in shallow, fresh water along oligotrophic lake and river shores.

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