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Fungal associations in the roots of three species of Isoetes L.

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1998
Authors:B. D. Sharma
Journal:Aquatic Botany
Pagination:33 - 37
Date Published:1998///
Keywords:Association, Fungi, Isoetes, Roots

A fungal association has been described in the roots of three species of lsoetes which flourish during the rainy season in Rajasthan (India). The mycelium is septate, branched and forms bunches of intracellular hyphae in cortical cells of young roots. The association is symbiotic and is not influenced by habitat, i.e. while the host plant is aquatic, amphibious or terrestrial. This is the first report of a fungal association with the roots of the taxon Isoetes.

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