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Soil in relation to distribution and growth performance of Isoetes dixitei Shende in the Western Ghats of India

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1997
Authors:S. O. Wagai, Srivastava, G. K., Srivastava, M.
Journal:Tropical Ecology
Pagination:317 - 322
Date Published:1997///
Keywords:Growth performance, I. dixitei, Soil

Soils collected from the natural habitats of I. dixitei Sende have been analysed for the available plant nutrients. The amount of nutrients have then been correlated with the growth performance of this species. The preceding analysis reveals that the habit of plants of I. dixitei are influenced by many overriding soils. However, the occurrence of stunted growth of some populations may be attributed to a comparatively high zinc and copper contents in the soils since these two minerals have been found to exhibit a significant though negative correlation with the plant lengths of the various populations of I. dixitei.

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