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Isoetes x bruntonii (Isoetes engelmannii x I. hyemalis), a New Hybrid Quillwort from Virginia

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1996
Authors:L. J. Musselman, Bray, R. D., Knepper, D. A.
Journal:American Fern Journal
Pagination:8 - 15
Date Published:1996///

Isoetes xbruntonii is the hybrid between the diploid I. engelmannii (2n = 22) and the tetraploid I. hyemalis (2n = 44). An apparently sterile triploid (2n = 33), it has megaspore features intermediate between the two parents, but does not exhibit hybrid vigor. Isoetes xbruntonii is frequent at localities in the outer Coastal Plain of Virginia.

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