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Root cap structure in Isoetes macrospora Dur

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1979
Authors:R. L. Peterson, Scott, M. G., Kott, L.
Journal:Annals of Botany
Pagination:739 - 744
Date Published:1979///
Keywords:Isoetes macrospora Dur, Protein bodies, Root cap, Ultrastructure

Root meristem cells of Isoetes macrosporausually have one plastid which is associated with the prominent nucleus, numerous ribosomes and mitochondria, and small vacuoles. During mitosis each plastid appears to replicate so that each daughter cell contains one plastid. The cell walls of the meristem cells are traversed by numerous plasmodesmata. Central cells of the root cap lack distally displaced plastids but have one or more amyloplasts associated with the nucleus. These cells also contain large protein deposits. Peripheral root cap cells are characterized by being vacuolated, and by possessing a few dictyosomes and protein deposits. They appear to be sloughed infrequently. © 1979, Annals of Botany Company.

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