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Spore seedling cultivation and care of young sporophyte seedling of extreme endangerous wetland plant isoetes sinensis

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2013
Authors:J. - J. Xing, Lu, J., Li, F., Liu, B. - D.
Journal:Wetland Science

This paper cultured Isoetes sinensis which is national extreme endangered ferns, using soil and knop's substrate, sexual reproduction seedlings were obtained. The detailed process of every stage of young spore seedling happening and the gametophyte development were observed and recorded. The paper summarized artificial management technology of the young spore seedling. The regulation between the gametophyte development and environmental factors was analyzed, rejuvenation countermeasures of young spore seedling were defined, and category and control measures of pests were discussed. The results showed that the maturation rate of the Isoetes sinensis can reach 90.3%, under the condition of between 22 °C and 28 °C, the light intensity 60 umol/(m2,s), 14 hours light and 10 hours dark every day. The paper had completed the life history of Isoetes sinensis, and grasped the seedling and daily management method and had got 5 000 plants. They grew well and appeared the sporangium, in order to return to the country of origin, and provide certain theoretical basis and reliable technical support of wild population and wetland protection.

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