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Isoëtes viridimontana: A Previously Unrecognized Quillwort from Vermont, USA

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2014
Authors:M. A. Rosenthal, Rosenthal, S. R., Johnson, G., W. Taylor, C., Zimmer, E. A.
Journal:American Fern Journal
Keywords:Isoetaceae, Isoetes viridimontana, New species

Isoetes viridimontana is described and illustrated. Plants of this species are currently known only from Haystack Pond, a small, acidic, oligotrophic lake in south central Vermont. Isoetes viridimontana is distinguished from other Isoetes species in northeastern North America by its size (less than 5 cm high) and granulate to rugulate megaspore texture.

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