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Ecology and Evolution of Quillworts (Isoetes) in the American South – Quillcon II
The Southeastern United States is a center of quillwort diversity with the number of recorded species doubling in the past decade or so—and new taxa being found each year. So it is appropriate that the Second Quillwort Conference should be held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Association of Southeastern Biologists and the Southern Appalachian Botanical Society at the 2016 meeting 31 March-3 April in Concord, North Carolina.The first conference, dubbed QuillCon I, was held in Douglas, Georgia in 2000 and since that time research has expanded in terms of extensive molecular studies and field collections and also by an increase in the number of researchers, both in the lab and in the field. QuillCon II will consist of invited papers on 2 April with a keynote talk by W Carl Taylor, senior author of the treatment of Isoetes for Flora North America. Other speakers include researchers from the Smithsonian Institution, Italy, Canada, and Southeastern institutions. Ample time is allocated for discussions.

NEXT GENERATION PTERIDOLOGY - An international conference on Lycophyte and Fern research
13th Smithsonian Botanical Symposium - 12th Symposium of the International Organization of Plant Biosystematists
1-5 June 2015 in Washington D.C.

International Symposium on Mediterranean temporary ponds - Sassari (Sardinia, Italy), April 15-16-17, 2015
The International Symposium on Mediterranean Temporary Ponds will offer an opportunity to researchers with different cultural background, students, practitioners, policy makers, and other stakeholders for exchanging experiences and information on the ecology, the biodiversity and the management of this type of habitat, with the aim of promoting its effective conservation and improving public awareness.

Homage to Anthony Clive Jermy (1932-2014):

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