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A new species of Isoëtes (Isoëtaceae, Pteridophyta) for the Mediterranean

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2010
Authors:P. Ernandes, Beccarisi, L., Zuccarello, V.
Journal:Plant Biosystems
Pagination:805 - 813
Date Published:2010///
Keywords:Apulia, Foliar air chambers, Isoetes, Mediterranean temporary pools, Pteridophyta, Velum

Isoëtes iapygia from the Apulia region (southern Italy) is described as a new species and illustrated. It differs in several characters from the other Mediterranean Isoëtes species, but has some intermediate characteristics similar to terrestrial and amphibious Isoëtes. I. iapygia is similar to the amphibious species for the lack of phyllopodia, even if it has scales; it is similar to terrestrial species for the complete velum and tuberculate macrospores. A completely unique character is represented by the two air chambers. Its habitat is on limestone rocks, in temporary pools. © 2010 Società Botanica Italiana.

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