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Morphological and anatomical variation in sporophylls of Isoetes sinensis palmer (Isoetaceae), an endangered quillwort in China

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2006
Authors:H. Liu, Wang, Q. F., Taylor, W. C.
Journal:American Fern Journal
Pagination:67 - 74
Date Published:2006///

Isoetes sinensis is a rare and endangered plant in wetlands of southeastern China. Previous studies have reported the chromosome number, geographic distribution, and ecology of this Asian endemic, but there has not been an analysis of diagnostic characters associated with the sporophylls of I. sinensis in China. Therefore, morphological and anatomical variation of sporophylls in the three known Chinese populations of I. sinensis were evaluated and compared. The variation found is discussed in relation to the present taxonomy of I. sinensis.

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