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A morphometric study of three closely related taxa in the European Isoetes velata complex

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2005
Authors:M. I. Romero, Real C.
Journal:Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society
Pagination:459 - 464
Date Published:2005///
Keywords:Endemic plants, Habitats directive, Isoetaceae, Pteridophytes, taxonomy, Threatened species

Isoetes velata A. Braun is an amphibious plant with Mediterranean and Ibero-Atlantic distribution, showing marked morphological variability. Within the same geographical area, closely related restricted-range taxa are also present, including I. velata ssp. asturicense (restricted to mountainous areas of the north-west Iberian Peninsula) and I. boryana (restricted to the southern French Atlantic coast). These related taxa have unclear taxonomy and are both threatened. We performed a morphometric study of specimens of the three taxa. Our results suggest that I. velata ssp. asturicense is better considered as a distinct species, I. asturicense Laínz (Laínz), distinguishable from the other two taxa by mean megaspore length (N ≥ 30) < 360 μm. In contrast, our results do not support consideration of I. boryana as a separate species, and we here propose that this taxon be considered as a variety, I. velata A. Braun var. boryana M.I. Romero & C. Real stat. nov. © 2005 The Linnean Society of London.

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