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Isoetes orientalis (Isoetaceae), a new hexaploid quillwort from China

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2005
Authors:L. Hong, Qing-Feng, W., Taylor, W. C.
Pagination:164 - 167
Date Published:2005///
Keywords:China, East Asia, Hoetes, Isoetaceae, Quillwort

Isoetes orientalis is a previously undescribed, rare, and endangered quillwort of southeast China with a hexaploid chromosome count of 2n = 66. Megaspores of I. orientalis have a reticulate ornamentation consisting of irregularly anastomosing muri with ragged crests. Microspores have an echinate-tuberculate ornamentation. Herbarium specimens of I. orientalis previously have been misidentified as I. sinensis. Isoetes orientalis differs from I. sinensis in spore morphology and chromosome number.

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