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Isoetes (isoetaceae), Ophioglossum and Botrychium (ophioglossaceae) in Calabria (S Italy): More karyological and taxonomical data

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2003
Authors:L. Peruzzi, Cesca, G., Puntillo, D.
Pagination:359 - 363
Date Published:2003///
Keywords:Botrychium, Isoetes, Karyology, Ophioglossum, taxonomy

I. subinermis (Durieu) Cesca and Peruzzi, from a newly discovered Calabrian stand, was karyologically studied. Both chromosome number (2n = 22) and karyotype are presented. Systematic distinctiveness of I. subinermis from I. histrix Bory is confirmed. A new chromosome complement (2n = 44) is recorded for I. duriei Bory, confirming the karyological variability of this taxon. Ophioglossum lusitanicum L. (n = 120) and Botrychium lunaria L. (2n = 90) were karyologically studied too. Their chromosome numbers are reported as the first counts on Italian populations.

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